A Creative Sanctuary for YOU.

When we're creative and connect with others, we feel good.  That's not just a hunch, it's been supported in scientific research.  Kaleidoscope is here to encourage you to HAVE FUN and MAKE ART on a regular basis.  Here's how:

>>   Spend a weekday in our courtyard and atrium to paint, sketch, write or simply sit by our Babbling Brook and DREAM.   >>   $25

>>   Indulge yourself in our RETREAT ROOM for the day, with private balcony and bathroom.   >>   $60 weekdays, $80 weekends

>>   Embrace your inner DJ by enrolling in Radio 101, which lets you to take over the airwaves at Kaleidoscope Radio!   >>   $75 for a 3 hour session.

>>   Commit to your creativity with a 5 Day pass to the Retreat Room--ensuring you get 'me time' on a regular basis.   >>   $250

>>   A 6 Month SEASON PASS gives you increased access to the courtyard, retreat room and radio station.  Create (and connect) like never before!   >>   $350

Reservations required and conditions apply for the above.  Please get in touch for details!