Slated to Open 7/1
(fingers crossed)

What is


Nestled in the heart of Lafayette Colorado, Kaleidoscope welcomes artists of all abilities to experience the joy of creativity.  Like a coworking space gives people a chance to get out of their home offices, Kaleidoscope is designed for artists to connect.  Studios are offered on a sliding scale basis for drop in or regular use.  Artists will display their work, collaborate with each other, and render the entire property a dynamic, ever-changing canvas.

The demands and challenges of our world call for more art, love, creativity and connection.  Kaleidoscope is a space for all of that.  It also invites reflection, meditation and the opportunity to dream.  As a non-profit, Kaleidoscope takes proceeds above its overhead and re-invests into its mission: transmitting art and love into the world and designating a place for people to gather and be CREATIVE.

Not long after establishing my studio on the front of the property where Kaleidoscope is being built, I discovered the immense gratification and healing of creative play.  That is: artistic projects undertaken simply for the joy they provide.  Now, I am expanding this opportunity to other artists -- as both a gift to the community, and a beacon of light for the world. 


Like the images seen through its namesake, Kaleidoscope will always be shifting, evolving, and shining.

-- Jonathan Hanst