What's it all ABOUT?

Kaleidoscope was conceived in 2020 by our Executive Director, Jonathan Hanst, who has been creative virtually his whole life; he dreamed of a place where people could come and make art every day.  Kaleidoscope was designed and built from the ground up to foster creativity, connection, and community.

The space opened to our first group of artists in August 2022. 


As a nonprofit, Kaleidoscope is also supported by a board: Robyn Tighe, Gretchen Pangilinan, and Gili Wolf, as well as other volunteers and believers in the mission.


We feel the possibilities and potential for Kaleidoscope are endless; and they all will emerge from the wonder, peace, satisfaction and bliss that often accompany creative play.  The health benefits of creative engagement are being increasingly supported by research, but you don’t need to be a scientist to figure it out: when you allow yourself space for creative expression, it feels good!  And we believe the world could use a lot more art, community, love, togetherness and joy right now.


If you agree, please consider stopping by Kaleidoscope for a tour, booking a day in our Creative Retreat room, being a DJ on our streaming radio station, or making a financial gift of any amount.

Monthly Updates from Jonathan