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What is Kaleidoscope?

Nestled in the heart of Lafayette Colorado, Kaleidoscope is an Artistic Sanctuary.   Everyone is welcome to be creative-- whether that means painting, sculpting, writing poetry, or musically expressing themselves as a DJ on our streaming radio station.


Kaleidoscope is designed for people to experience the Joy of Creativity.


Studios are available for ongoing lease, for the day, or a Solo Creative Retreat.  Art is made here every day and the entire property is an ever changing canvas.


The demands and challenges of our world call for more creativity and community.  Kaleidoscope is a space for that.  It invites reflection, meditation and the opportunity to dream. 


As a nonprofit, Kaleidoscope takes proceeds above its overhead and re-invests in its mission: transmitting art, love and light into the world and allowing people to Connect and Create.

Monthly updates

Updates from Executive Director,
Jonathan Hanst


Mar 2023 -

KScope and the music effect

Jul 2023 -

Summer Update

Mar 2024 -

KScope Times

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