Although my wife and I have put signficant personal capital into Kaleidoscope,

ongoing support from friends, community members and corporate sponsors is key to our success.

Kaleidoscope is a 501c3 non-profit--all contributions are tax deductible.

You may donate by check by making it out to Kaleidoscope Inc and mailing to the address below.  Soon we'll be able to take donations through channels like Venmo.



While the building is still under construction we are offering these incentives:

any donation of $100 or more gets a signed, Limited Edition Kaleidoscope

Grand Opening Poster

for $500 the above + 3 HiFi Jones Reclaimed Vinyl Prints of your choice (great gifts!)

for $1000, the above + one of your favorite photos

made into a one of a kind art print

for $2500 the above, + a private evening at HiFi Jones Studio & Gallery

with dinner & drinks for 4, arcade access,

and a special sneak peek at our Subterranean Planetarium

for $5000,  the above, + a long weekend stay (4 days, 3 nights) in the guestroom

at Kaleidoscope

for $10,000the above, + Founding Member recognition within Kaleidoscope 

and any HiFi Jones original

of your choice.